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FRP Engineering Solutions or FES is your complete source for FRP (fiberglass) design, fabrication and FRP products needs.  We offer full design and engineering for fiberglass structural projects with coverage in all of the USA plus Canada.  FES provides composites fabrication including fiberglass handrails, structures, floor grating systems, work platforms and any structural fiberglass.  

FES also​​ offers custom molded fiberglass products such as covers, weirs, troughs and FRP Containment Trays.  FES also offers a complete solution for telecom products.  See the Atlantic Concealment page.

Fiberglass composites provide an attractive alternative to steel, aluminum or wood.  FRP (fiberglass) is corrosive resistant, high strength, low life cycle cost and has a wide range of applications across many industries. Contact us to get a quote for your project or bid.
FRP Engineering Solutions, 608 Roosevelt Trail,  Windham Maine 04062, 877.954.6565
FRP Fabrication is our specialty
FES offers a complete line of fiberglass products such as
- FRP ​hand railings
- FRP ladder assemblies
- ​FRP structural shapes
- FRP grating.
- FRP walkways
- FRP stairways
- FRP baffles and covers
- FRP Containment Trays​
- Fiberglass Steeples​
- Molded Fiberglass​
- and much more.


FRP Engineering Solutions

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We design FRP structures.  Need a fast quote? Contact us here for more information
Fiberglass Design, Fabrication and Product Solutions for North America
Introducing ClimateWalls 

A panel system for difficult environments such as wet basements and chemical areas. Click here to go to the ClimateWalls page.​​
FRP Rail Project Fabricated FRP Railings
FRP Chemical Tray